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Boiler efficiency

Most older boilers are low efficient. This means that for a boiler with 65% efficient, only 65% of the heat they produce is transferred to the water that heats your home. The rest is lost up the chimney. But new boilers can increase the heating efficient, and can save on your utility costs.
Our certified & experienced technicians helps you to choose high efficiency boiler proportional to your house.
We know you need to stay warm during the winter and will take all the necessary steps to get your boiler back to working condition. When we arrive at your home, we will:
  • Inspect Your Boiler
  • Determine The Cause Of The Failure
  • Provide A Comprehensive Quote For Repair
In most instances, repair can be completed by addressing the root cause of the issue. Whether that be cleaning out the sediment, replacing valves or adjusting the thermostat. If your boiler is old or a repair is not smart financially, we will recommend that you replace your boiler.
In order to reduce the chances of a complete breakdown and to keep your boiler working for years to come, it is important that it receives service on an annual basis. Annual service appointments will allow our technicians to do a thorough inspection and testing of all of the elements of the boiler. These maintenance appointments help keep your energy costs down, catch small problems before they result in failure and extend the life of your boiler.

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